A peak into the constructor method of Object Oriented JavaScript

Imagine building a project in plain, old vanilla JavaScript; a simple role call for a study program, let’s say the Software Engineer program at Flatiron School. You might say that each person enrolled has a name, email, and address. You go about building the application so that someone working in administration can easily add new students as they are accepted into the program.

Now let’s say you want to add a filter feature that tracks which students are from different parts of the country, so you create a new fetch…

— a belongs_to/has_many relationship —

In this blog, I will use a DIY organization app to demonstrate. **Although a user has an association with room through project, I will focus on the relationship between project and room.**

The setup: Fig. 1 — A project belongs_to a user and a room. This means the project table will contain foreign keys for users and rooms. A project can only be associated to one particular user and one particular room.

No no no, it’s nothing dreadful but actually quite useful!

If you’ve ever used a web application that required you to create a list or a certain item that you could go back and edit or delete, you’ve worked with CRUD. The logic is taken care of on the backend and all you have to do is click some buttons. But ever wonder what goes into why those buttons work? I’ll explain why.

CRUD is an acronym for “create”, “read”, “update”, and “delete” and are the actions that make up the functionality of a dynamic website, or a website that…

CLI — What You Need to Know About Scraping

What is scraping?

Web scraping is the act of inspecting the html code of a webpage and extracting information from HTML, CSS or JavaScript code, though scraping from Javascript is a more intricate process.

In my command line interface project, I chose to scrape a bookstore website, https://bookshop.org/books?keywords=permaculture, to extract the title, author, price, and URL. The URL was necessary to scrape into a second layer to extract the book’s description.

How to tell if a site is scrapeable?

One challenge I ran into was figuring out what qualifies a scrapeable website. After reading and listening to several resources, I’ve collected a…

This year has been a season of reflection and change. I was working as a personal banker when the coronavirus broke out. This was a job I had a held for a year and a half. I’d received praise from my superiors, and was even given a promotion. Despite that success, I was unsure of whether a future in personal banking was really what I wanted for my life. People were unapologetically rude to me on an almost daily basis, and I had been a victim in multiple robberies. Frankly, it gave me a lot of anxiety. …

Cassandra Parisi

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